May 27, 2019

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Editor’s Synopsis

  • Continued strong operational performance in the Transmission business, with 99.84% availability across the portfolio
  • Six new Transmission projects commissioned in time and below budget

  • Financial Performance for FY 2019: 
    • Total EBITDA from Operations of Rs. 2,857 crore, 
    • Transmission Business: Operational EBITDA of Rs. 2,051 crore, 91% EBITDA Margin
    • Consolidated PAT for FY19 is Rs. 629 crore, up 38% vs. Rs. 457 crore in FY18 after eliminating one time Arrear/Reversal  (Reversal amount, net of tax, of Rs. 70 c rore for FY19 vs. Arrear r ecovery, net of tax, of Rs 686 c rore for FY18)

  • Financial Performance for Q4 FY 2019
    • Total EBITDA from Operations of Rs. 876 crore o Transmission Business: Operational EBITDA of Rs. 523 crore

  • Strong balance sheet maintained
    • AA+ domestic credit rating and investment grade international credit rating

  • ATL entered the Distribution business, with the acquisition of Mumbai Suburban distribution business named Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd.
    • Distribution losses down by 1.6% p.p. post-acquisition

Financial Highlights for FY 2019

  • Revenue from operations (before onetime Arrear/reversal) for FY19 is Rs. 6,530 crore (which includes Rs. 4,270 crore For Distribution Biz) vs Rs. 2,130 crore of FY18.  
  • The Operational EBITDA of FY19 is RS 2,857 crore (Transmission Business Rs. 2,051 crore, Distribution Business RS 806 crore for 7 months) vs Rs. 1,944 crore of FY18   

Financial Highlights for Q4 FY 2019

  • Revenue from operations for Q4FY19 is Rs. 2,282 crore (which includes Rs. 1,696 crore Distribution Biz) vs Rs. 544 crore of Q4FY18.  
  • The Operational EBITDA of Q4FY19 is Rs. 876 crore (Transmission Business Rs. 523 crore, Distribution Business Rs. 352 crore)  vs Rs. 487 crore in Q4 FY18
  • Consolidated PAT for Q4FY19 is Rs.147 crore compared to Rs. 150 Crore Q4FY18.  

Business Highlights for FY 2019

  • ATL operationalized six new transmission lines of 2,354 ckt kms., cementing its position as India’s largest private sector transmission company.  
  • With completion of  ongoing projects, the total network of ATL will be approx. 13,450 ckt kms
  • ATL completed the acquisition of Mumbai Sub-urban distribution business named Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd, on 29 August, 2018. 

Speaking on the growth and performance of the company Mr. Gautam Adani, Chairman Adani Group, said, “FY 2019 was a landmark year for Adani Transmission, with its entry into an important growth segment of distribution, through the acquisition of AEML. Adani Transmission has been constantly working with an integrated approach to expand our presence in key cities and districts in India to support the Indian Government’s vision of “ Power for all by 2022.”

Mr. Anil Sardana, MD & CEO, Adani Transmission Ltd said, “Adani Transmission is expanding its presence in key geographies of the country. The year 2019 has been progressive for the company with key acquisitions that we were able to close. With strong presence now in Indian grid network, we aim to enhance our presence through our transmission and distribution network and further increase our market capture in the financial year 2020.”

About Adani Transmission
Adani Transmission (ATL) is the transmission business arm of the Adani Group, one of India's largest business conglomerates. It is the country’s largest private transmission company with a cumulative transmission network of around 13,450 ckt kms, out of which approximately 11,350 ckt kms is operational. This includes around 2,100 ckt kms in various stages of construction. With India’s energy requirement set to quadruple in coming years, Adani Transmission is fully geared to create a strong and reliable power transmission network and work actively towards achieving ‘Power for All’ by 2022.