Staying committed to its tradition, 100% of the registration proceeds would be donated to the Indian Armed Forces.



· The first-of-its kind app-based virtual marathon in India will see cutting-edge technology shaping runners’ experience and ensuring safety

· #Run4OurSoldiers would continue to be the theme for the event dedicated towards the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces

· GPS tracking will be used to measure the distance clocked by runners

· Registrations to start on August 15; participation open to anybody across the world

· Elaborate guidelines on health and safety will be issued on conclusion of registration

· Participants will be required to follow precautionary measures taken by respective state governments in view of COVID 19 crisis


India, 10th August 2020: The fourth edition of the Adani Ahmedabad Marathon (AAM) will take place on its schedule date of November 29, 2020, albeit in a virtual format.


Given the disruptions caused by the COVID outbreak, the event synonymous as the #Run4OurSoldiers would be conducted through remote running with GPS tracking participants.


Much like its earlier editions, 100% proceeds from the registrations would be donated for the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces.


Renowned international athlete and coach, Norrie Williamson has been appointed the Race Director for AAM 2020 which is now among the top-4 marathons in India having catered to more than 30,000 runners over the past three years.


Considering runners’ anxiety about the first-time virtual experience, AAM would conduct two build up virtual events at the end of September and October respectively to motivate runners in their preparations for the marathon day experience. Given the risks around Covid -19 particularly to people with obesity, diabetes, and hypertension,  these 5km and 10km trial runs would not just help runners get in better shape but educate them for precautions to be taken against the pandemic.


With registrations set to open on August 15th, 2020, aspiring participants will get detailed information about the event on the website and through various social media platforms. Race categories for the final virtual event on the Adani Ahmedabad Marathon weekend which is the last Sunday of November every year are aligned to earlier editions with Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10Km and 5 Km fun run.


Organizers will also share extensive guidelines on health and safety and participants will be required to follow precautionary measures taken by respective state governments in view of COVID19.

While winners will be bestowed with medals and certified recognition, all participants of the races will get T-shirts and certificates of completion. Registrations for participants in the armed forces would continue to be free.


“The COVID19 crisis has reemphasized the need to build a healthy nation. Running is one of the best ways to boost our physical and mental health and bolsters our immunity. We have therefore leveraged a technology-led leap by moving the platform into virtual space thereby ensuring people’s safety and staying committed to the Adani Group’s vision of contributing towards the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces. Nothing can stop our #Run4OurSoldiers,” said, Pranav Adani, MD – Agro, Oil & Gas


“The race app and post event results have numerous features that will allow runners to plan and monitor their performance during and after the virtual events. It will allow each runner to have a completely new perspective on their performances in the virtual events.  From the very first event it will be possible for runners to choose to get some coaching and training advice towards their second virtual race and then on to the Adani Marathon distances on weekend of 29 November”, said Race Director Norrie Williamson


He added, “This is about giving the runner the best possible experience over a three month period to race day and providing mechanisms that will result in pre-race motivation, a real time race experience and meaningful comparisons of performance and post-race recognition and celebration.”