#SoundsOfGoodness: Let the Music of Nature Inspire Us

‘Sound is the vocabulary of Nature’ – Pierre Schaeffer

Nature has always unraveled its wonders through its sounds – the sound of chirping birds, the sound of the outer ocean, the sound of the wind rushing by. If we look around and try to be conscious of every sound that Mother Nature has to offer to us, we will be awestruck. That’s the beauty of nature – serene, soothing, and inspiring.

Nature is, therefore, we are.

Being mindful of these auditory bounties of nature, the Adani Group, on this World Environment Day, kick-started an initiative to inspire people to listen to the soothing sounds of nature around them and take a pledge to preserve them till eternity. We call these sounds the #SoundsOfGoodness.

The key insight for this campaign came from a simple observation. At the Adani Group, we have always been aware of these extraordinary gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. From the soothing sounds of ocean breeze making our ports alive to the sounds of winds rotating the turbines at our wind power plants, from the sounds of calm mornings where the sun blesses our solar panels to the sounds of the forest that engulfs our power plants – the sounds of nature have always been sacred to us in unimaginable but conducive ways. We understand that it’s our responsibility to protect the magnificence of nature’s sounds, in everything we have been doing, in everything we ever aspire to do.

As we continue to strengthen our focus upon Environmental, Social & Governance factors, this World Environment Day, we made these very sounds of nature from our initiatives accessible on all our social platforms for everyone to listen and get inspired. Our belief was that the audience, as listeners, will immerse themselves into these incredible sounds which will serve as a reminder of the responsibility they have towards protecting, preserving and promoting the environment.

Adani Group | #SoundsOfGoodness - A Tribute to Nature

Nature has gifted us with innumerable sounds of goodness and here we are endeavoring to amplify them with our #SoundsOfGoodness initiative.

At the end of the day, these sounds continue to reinvigorate our vision of Growth with Goodness and adopting more sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives. Therefore, we remain committed to take the green route to development, indulging in sustainable practices like mangrove plantation, solar energy and renewable energy, and focusing on eco-friendly initiatives that are all-inclusive.

So, let’s all remember the #SoundsOfGoodness and, most importantly, do everything in our power to nurture them. Here’s to living as one with nature.

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