Mundra industrial land (SEZ/DTA)

Spread over an area of 15,000 hectares on the western coast of India's Gulf of Kachchh in the vibrant, industrialised, and investor friendly state of Gujarat, the Mundra economic hub is the gateway for Indian exports and imports. Mundra has the accrued advantages of an efficient private seaport, logistical connectivity, economic benefits, and allied infrastructure, thereby offering excellent investment opportunities for diversified businesses.

Mundra has evolved into a world-class destination for not only business and enterprise but also for living a good life, owing to its social infrastructure. It is a shining beacon in the emerging growth story of Gujarat and India. Mundra Port is the gateway for cargo to the northern hinterland and Mundra Manufacturing Zone is the gateway for the Indian exports.

Mundra’s development plan includes integrated infrastructure facilities, with emphasis on augmenting core infrastructure to attract industrial investments. It offers investment options in the multi-product Special Economic Zone and the Domestic Industrial Zone.

Leveraging the advantage of the robust port infrastructure, the Mundra Manufacturing Zone offers the best investment opportunity for diversified industries. It can offer developed industrial clusters for small/medium projects as well as facilitate mega projects with the desired land parcel, along with an excellent logistics, power reliability and other utilities.

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The Mundra advantage

Location benefit


Gujarat has a strategic location, which gives it easy accessibility to the Western, Middle East and African markets. The state has the longest coastline among all states in India: 1,600 km. Mundra provides an ideal location for product evacuation due to the shortest logistics connectivity to the north-western hinterland. The port is an ideal location with regard to Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh for export of cargo. The port-based multi-product manufacturing and services zone is well-connected to all major global locations through the sea – Middle East, Europe, the U.S., Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Far East/Southeast Asia.

Adani Port and Special Economic Zone’s (APSEZ’s) integrated model helps reduce time to reach the market and provides significant cost savings without compromising on quality, delivery times, and safety.

Multi-modal connectivity

Mundra provides savings in operational expenses through its integrated logistics connectivity for raw material and finished product movement.


  • Dedicated multi-product handling facilities.
  • Efficiency and safety standards
  • Excellent connectivity with the hinterland of India and all major ports of the world.


  • Existing rail network of 210 km, including Mundra to Adipur which further connects to the national grid. APSEZ owns 8 locomotives.
  • Electrification of rail network is under process.


  • Seamless connectivity through NH-8A extension, NH-8, SH-6, SH-48 and other district roads.
  • Well-developed and intricate network of roads, flyovers and underpasses.
  • New direct road connectivity to APSEZ from NH-8A extension is developed and under expansion.
  • Proximity of transportation to the north-western hinterland.


  • The Mundra airstrip is licensed under private use category. The present runway is 2,200 meter-long, extendable up to 4,000 meters for larger aircraft.
  • Approximately 1,000 hectares are earmarked for developing a logistics hub, Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO), and terminal buildings.
  • The nearest domestic airports are Bhuj (60 km) and Kandla (50 km) while the nearest international airport is Ahmedabad (400 km).
  • Daily flights operate between Mumbai and Kandla/Bhuj.

Fiscal benefit (in notified SEZ area)

  • Waiving off of state levies and entry tax.
  • 100% exemption on export profits for the first 5 years and 50% for the next 5 years.
  • 50% exemption on ploughed back profits for 5 years after the first 10 years.
  • Exemption of excise duty, custom duty, service tax, VAT, stamp duty and lease tax.
  • Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) supplier is eligible for export benefits on SEZ sales, enabling competitive procurement costs.
  • Cost competitive financing can be availed from offshore banking units (OBUs).
  • External commercial borrowings up to $500 million can be availed of without any specific approvals.

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The world’s largest private single location thermal power plant is an integral part of the Mundra SEZ.

  • Generating capacity of 4,620 MW.
  • Reliable power through ring main unit is made available at competitive rates to the units within Mundra SEZ.
  • MPSEZ Utilities. Ltd. (MPL) is the deemed distribution licensee for power distribution within the notified SEZ zone.
  • Sub-stations developed at various strategic locations within Mundra SEZ.
  • Power can be supplied at different voltages ranging from 220 Kv, 66 Kv, 33 Kv and 11 Kv to units in the zone.
  • 33 Kv / 11 Kv supply in the zone is through underground cable network.
  • Evaluating the possibilities of green power for mega industrial project within the Mundra Manufacturing Zone, efforts are on towards the nation’s drive towards Net Zero targets,


Of the 15,000 hectares planned expanse of the Mundra Special Economic Zone, single multi-product SEZs are spread over an area of 8,234.2047 hectares. The SEZs allow flexibility to industries in deciding plot size as per their requirements.

Fiscal benefits

  • Waiving off of state levies and entry tax
  • 100% exemption on export profits for the first 5 years and 50% for the next 5 years.
  • 50% exemption on ploughed back profits for 5 years after the first 10 years.
  • Exemption of excise duty, custom duty, service tax, VAT, stamp duty and lease tax.
  • Exemption from electricity duty for 10 years from the date of commencement of operations.
  • Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) supplier is eligible for export benefits on SEZ sales, enabling competitive procurement costs.
  • Cost competitive financing can be availed from offshore banking units (OBUs).
  • External commercial borrowings up to $500 million can be availed of without any specific approvals.


Mundra SEZ has a comprehensive water management system, including a desalination plant and distribution network.

  • 600 MLD desalination plants planned within Mundra SEZ in a modular way.
  • 27 MLD desalination plants currently operational, with additional 40 MLD under expansion.
  • 40 km of water distribution network has been laid.


  • LNG and LPG terminal established at Mundra Port.
  • Gas pipeline connectivity up to Mundra established by Adani Total Gas Ltd (ATGL) and GSPC/GGL.
  • ATGL established approximately 32 km main trunk pipeline from GSPL terminal to major industrial clusters within the Mundra zone.
  • PNG gas distribution network in Samudra Township is in planning stage by Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL).

Effluent treatment

Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) have been proposed at various locations in the zone in a modular way.

  • Environment clearance received for developing 67 MLD Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CEPT).
  • A 2.5 MLD CETP is operating as part of the phase–1 development.

District cooling

  • State-of-the-art District Cooling System (DCS) proposed to meet the year-round cooling demand of manufacturing units in the industrial cluster in Mundra Manufacturing Zone.
  • DCS will provide sustainable and energy-efficient low carbon cooling solutions.
  • Initial phase of establishment targets Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) where major cooling off takers include poly silicon units, ingots and wafers, cell and module, and module line manufacturing plants.
  • DCS will provide the following major benefits with a major boost to the Adani Group’s and India’s drive towards Net Zero targets,
    • Up to 40% lower cooling capacity installation
    • 20%-30% life cycle cost savings
    • Up to 50% reduction in electrical power demand
    • 15%-25% lower carbon emissions
    • Up to 25% space savings as compared to conventional cooling systems
    • Reliability, availability and longer asset life
    • Efficient monitoring and control through state-of-the-art SCADA systems
    • Easy to plug in renewable and green power
    • Reduction in unit-level power requirement and electrical infrastructure for each business unit in EMC
  • An efficient water management system with up to 20% lower consumption, adding acceleration to the Adani Group’s net Zero Water targets.
  • Central DC Plant is strategically located, which will provide the added benefit of optimal make-up/drainage piping/corridor requirements, and reduction in cable run/corridor requirements.
  • DCS capacity augmentation with modular approach to optimize the capital infusion in line with cooling off take demand.

Business support infrastructure

  • Central Business District (CBD) with 2 lakh sq ft for offices and other commercial activities, ranging from international trading, insurance and logistics services developed. Expansion will be carried out in future phases.
  • Nationalized and private sector banks operating inside the SEZ.
  • Post office and telephone exchange available inside the SEZ.
  • Office of Development Commissioner and Customs’ functional in the zone.

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Social infrastructure



An eco-friendly school campus with a modern computer lab, fully catalogued library, medical room, art studio, language labs, and sports arena already established.

  • Adani Foundation’s ‘Adani Public School’ is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.
  • Calorx Public School, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi is functioning in the zone.

Living-residential townships/units

Samudra Township

Owing to the vast expanse of Mundra SEZ, an area of 255 hectares is earmarked for immediate development in the SEZ’s non-processing area, supporting the social needs of stakeholders. Well-planned development of the Samudra Township includes residential units, service apartments, commercial structures, social amenities and infrastructural amenities (roads, drainage, water distribution network, sewage collection and Transmission network, and landscaping works).

  • Phase-I of the township is operating with 1,454 residential units and 2 hostel blocks with 292 rooms.
  • Under the Phase-II development, over 1,454 residential units and 2 hostel blocks with 292 rooms will be added very soon.

Shantivan Colony, Nanakapaya village

  • Approximately 110 hectares earmarked for township development.
  • Phase-I of the township operates with 435 residential units and single hostel blocks with 42 rooms.
  • In the later phase developments, potentially over 10,000 residential units will be added.

Adani Township, Siracha village

  • Approximately 56 hectares earmarked for township development.
  • Phase-I of the township has been planned and is under construction with 1,416 residential units and single hostel blocks with 276 rooms.
  • Supporting amenities and facilities under construction include dining facilities, indoor and outdoor sports activities and a community hall.
  • Later, potentially over 6,000 residential units will be added.

Industrial worker housing

  • 100 hectares earmarked for industrial worker housing support for industrial project establishment at multiple locations.
  • Phase-I developed with 2,500 housing units.
  • Supporting infrastructure, along with amenities and facilities developed include dining facilities, indoor and outdoor sports activities, and a community room.
  • In later phases, potentially over 10,000 housing units will be added.


Educational and vocational infrastructure is fundamental to the development of any region, besides industrial infrastructure. Understanding this as an important need for development, the Mundra SEZ provides the following:

Technical and higher education

  • An Industrial Training Institute (ITI), under the aegis of the Government of Gujarat, is being developed within the zone for imparting customised technical knowledge/training along with the regular technical programmes to local youth as per the demand and requirement of SEZ units.
  • Developed Crane Simulation Training Center.
  • Developed Container Lashing Training Center
  • Institutions imparting education for engineering/management/medical established near Adipur and Bhuj, which are in close proximity.

Recreational and adventure activities

Mundra SEZ offers the following recreational facilities:

  • Multiplex, sports and recreation club, community halls, libraries, resorts, restaurants, and hotels
  • Neighbourhood parks, playgrounds and a golf course
  • Shopping centres and malls
  • Business hotels of different categories, catering to the needs of the business traveller.
  • Adventure activities under construction include wall climbing for kids and adults, an obstacle course, high rope, archery, and golf.
  • Food courts developed, and dining hall expansion with family dining and small get-together facilities are planned.


A 100-bed multi-specialty hospital, built by the Adani Group and managed by Adani Hospital Mundra Pvt Ltd (AHMPL), is operational with:

  • Qualified medical and paramedical staff trained to handle emergencies
  • A fully equipped state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory
  • A well-equipped radiology department, with computerized tomography machine for CT scans
  • A mobile intensive care unit (ICU on wheels)
  • Operation theatres, with advanced surgical equipment and sterile facility, to carry out a range of surgeries
  • Fully equipped physiotherapy centre


  • A clubhouse, with total built up area of 1.2 lakh sq ft, is under development.
  • Landscaped expansive layout with ample parking, outdoor and indoor sports arena with swimming pools, cricket field, courts, and card rooms is already developed. A golf course is planned.
  • Amphitheaters, gymnasiums, spa, saloon, and libraries developed.

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Industrial clusters

Mundra has land available in parcel sizes of 1 acre to over 2,000 acres. The Mundra Manufacturing Zone provides equal opportunities for all industrial sectors. However, a cluster-based industrial development strategy assumes that such strategy provides a greater economic benefit to the units.

A cluster-based development model has been successfully implemented at the Mundra SEZ, with a cluster each for textiles, chemicals and electronics. With the vision of Make in India, we aim to focus on the development of five more clusters – chemicals and petrochemicals, FMCG, logistics, heavy engineering, and plastics. We aim to build industrial clusters by partnering to provide all support industrial and social infrastructure for each of the above.

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At a glance


100% water sourcedFrom desalination plant and water treatment plants aiding sustainability


Industrial landWith Cluster based zoning


Multimodal connectivitySea, Air, Railway and National Highways

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