We’re the most diversified end-to-end logistics service provider in the country with presence across all major markets and an expertise in handling different kinds of customers in segments such as Retail, Industrial, Containerised, Bulk, Break-bulk, Liquids, Auto, and Grain Handling. We also handle Multi Modal Logistics Parks (MMLP) located at Patli, Kishangarh, Kilaraipur, kanech and Malur.

Our MMLPs help ports expand their hinterland connectivity while simultaneously reducing their congestion problem. Our private rakes and strategic alliances help in seamless pan-India cargo movement while our Contract Logistics solutions help customers deliver reliable first mile-last mile experience. The MMLPs in Mundra and Nagpur are going to be operational in 2021 with many more in pipeline across India.

Moreover, apart from possessing the capability to deliver warehousing solutions pan-India consisting of bonded, domestic, FTWZ and built-to-suit facilities, we’re also India’s largest private train operator with 66 freight trains (42 Container trains, 16 Bulk trains, 7 Agri trains through wholly owned subsidiary Adani Agri Logistics Limited and 2 Auto trains in JV with NYK Auto Logistics).

Thus by investing in strongly integrated assets, we aim to achieve our vision of reducing bottlenecks in the overall logistics value chain and as a result, benefit our customers on multiple dimensions – especially in terms of time and cost.

Our integrated logistic solution is putting India on the path of self-reliance.

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At a glance


300 KmsPrivately laid rail track


Category 1 LicenseLicensed container rake operator with 10 owned rakes and 12 leased rakes


5 Locations2 ICDs, 2 EXIM yards and 1 Container Yard

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