A blueprint for preserving India’s coastal ecology

A green cover of opportunities

Community development through defined sustainability goals has been the globally trusted path towards growth and prosperity. But climate-induced risks continue to challenges development.

A case in point is the struggle of millions of coastal inhabitants across south Gujarat. For decades, these locals have been grappling with weather-induced challenges such as strong sea winds and tsunamis resulting into impacts like the erosion of shorelines, salinity ingress and degradation of soil quality.

However, now they have a reason to cheer up. The Adani Group, a socially responsible corporate in India has introduced a smart solution for them. In line with the group’s core philosophy of Growth with Goodness, the conglomerate has developed a Bio-Shield made of mangrove plantations as well as non-mangrove vegetation along the coast. The project became a natural shield and presented first-of-its-kind opportunities for sustainable living.

India’s first-of-its-kind Bio-Shield tackles climate risks and generates a self-sustained ecosystem of livelihood.

At the onset, an area of 1 km in length and 180 meters in breadth, on the sea coast was identified at village Tankari in Jambusar taluka of Bharuch District in Gujarat. The first 50 metres from the seaward end was used for mangrove plantation, protected by natural bamboo fencing, which helps in protecting the sea coast, boosting fisheries and overall biodiversity in the region. It also aids to enhance the ecosystem of the area.

The subsequent 50m comprised piludi plantations, an oil-seed plant that acts as a source of additional income for nearby communities followed another 50 metres consists of Sharu and Unt Morad plantation, that supplies fodder for cattle rearing during dry seasons. The remaining 30 metres consisted of fodder, fruits and medicinal plants, which present substantial economic value and help in blocking saline winds, thereby enhancing the green cover of the region.

The entire process of creation of nursery, plantations, mangrove conservation and protection of the bio shield is being carried out with the help of the local villagers and fisher-folk community, thereby providing them with the livelihood opportunities.

This pilot project by the Adani Group proves to be the roadmap for successfully implementing such innovative projects across the country.

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