Growth with Sustainability

Helping India meet its energy needs while minimising the impact on the environment is a crucial challenge. Our environment protection initiatives aim to help curb the dangers of eroding landscapes and convert them into fertile, greener blankets of land. An exemplary achievement in this regard is the revival of ecologically sensitive areas such as Mundra, where we have conserved and extended mangrove afforestation.

We were the first power company in India to use 'supercritical' technology to reduce CO2 emissions, an initiative that won us the Clean Development Certification from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In addition, we operate one of the largest solar power projects in India. We are at the forefront when it comes to improving efficiency and reducing waste.

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"For Better Tomorrows" : ESG report of Adani Portfolio  

Adani Group has published its Second ESG report this year. The theme of the report is ‘For Better Tomorrows’ which resonates with the Group’s philosophy of ‘Growth with Goodness’. Our responsibility represents our commitment to do whatever is within our means to make the world a better place - the largest positive outcome in the shortest time with the longest impact.

The report is our attempt to highlight Group’s approach to ESG and its priorities; the commitment of our businesses towards the journey of decarbonization in alignment with India’s climate change ambitions, and a snapshot of initiatives undertaken and key milestones achieved by our businesses. The report also details out a number of social initiatives undertaken by Adani Foundation to uphold our commitment to the well-being of people and communities.

Group ESG Report - Full   Group ESG Report - Executive Summary   

Decarbonisation of India’s Power Sector

Adani portfolio companies, namely Adani Transmission Limited, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited, and Adani Green Energy Limited, are deeply committed to the decarbonisation of power generation and to bringing green electricity to Mumbaikars and other customers committed to sourcing green electrons.

Adani utility companies have already implemented:

(a) Green Power Infrastructure, including a 1,690MW project in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan with a capital outlay of USD ~1.8bn fully funded by a combination of 12 international banks and the internal resources of AGEL.

(b) Green Transmission Infrastructure, including transmission lines that enable the supply of green power to the city of Mumbai and all other bulk consumptive centres. The capital outlay of ~USD 1.5bn has been funded by eight international banks as well as AGEL.

(c) Green Distribution Infrastructure, including a capex program to ensure the higher reliability of power in Mumbai, with a capital outlay of ~USD 3bn funded through a mix of a USD 2bn Global Medium Term Note program and the internal resources of AEML.

In total, this translates to USD 6.3bn already invested in greening the Mumbai power mix.

AGEL has also recently completed the acquisition of SB Energy, a 5 GW renewable portfolio in India with a capex outlay of USD 3.5bn and the Adani Group has also made green hydrogen ecosystem investments to the tune of USD 2.5bn

Through our utilities portfolio, we have already invested USD 12.3bn out of the USD 70bn we have pledged to invest in green technologies over the next decade.

Creating Green Infrastructure