A must-have on everyone’s bucket list

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water,” English-American poet, WH Auden, famously wrote more than half-century ago. Despite the progress of human civilization ever since, the words continue to assume increased relevance with every passing day.

Amidst the growing concerns of acute water shortage globally, a video campaign created by the Adani Group on the occasion of World Water Day drove home the key message of water conservation with aplomb.

Adani Group | The Bucket List | #WorldWaterDay 2019

The narrative juxtaposed our priorities in life through a well-crafted conversation around bucket lists with the daily struggle of people in water-scarce areas. The film opens with a voice over of larger than life items in our bucket lists as we see a homemaker’s daunting routine to get a bucket of water.

The stark contrast subtly reminds the audience about the fundamental disparities between urban and rural lifestyles. It tells us that while we dream of owning a Jacuzzi or an Infinity Pool, crores of Indians and people across the world survive on just one bucket of water in a day.

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” English-American poet, WH Auden

The story as one would expect sparked off a healthy discussion among people online. Many of them volunteered to add a new item to their bucket lists towards water conversation. For instance, Rishabh Singh, a Twitter user wrote, “Wherever I see water running from the tap, I inform the concerned people so that every single drop can be saved for our future generations. #BucketList @AdaniOnline.”.

Likewise, Mallika Ahmed urged everyone to plant trees, save rivers and practice rainwater harvesting for a better future through her Facebook post. Hopefully, such thought-provoking campaigns would inspire us to be more responsible about the way we use water.

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