At the Airport

COVID-19 Sample Collection facility details:

  • Location - International arrivals in the pre-immigration area before the APHO counters. One of the four APHO counters could additionally be used for sample collection
  • Number of Registration Counters – 1
  • Number of sampling booths – 1
  • Name of Designated COVID 19 testing Laboratory – Apollo (ICMR approved and NABL accredited lab)
  • Sample processing capacity of the lab (offsite) / 24hr - 1000 samples / 24hrs as on date, can be augmented if required

In view of the guidelines published by MoCA order no. 29017/14/2020-DT dated 10.05.2022 and DGCA order no. 4/1/ 2020-IR dated 08.06.2022 there has to be strict compliance of COVID-19 protocols at Airport and Inside the aircraft. Passengers must wear a facemask at all times during the travel.

Frequent announcements are made to ensure that passengers are wearing facemask and following COVID protocols.

Frequent sanitization is being carried out across the terminal. In addition, sanitizer dispensers are placed at prominent locations in the terminal.

Please note in case the passenger violates COVID protocols or refuses to wear mask even after repeated warnings,

  • Passenger without a facemask will not be permitted to enter the terminal. CISF personnel deployed at the entrance of the Airport will ensure that no one is allowed to enter the Airport without wearing a mask.
  • At the airport, he/ she can be fined as per the State Law and he/ she may be handed over to Security Agencies for dealing with the matter as per the applicable law on the subject.
  • Before departure- He/ she can be deboarded.
  • During the course of the flight such passenger may be treated as “Unruly Passenger” and procedure in respect of handling such unruly passenger shall be followed by the concerned airline.

Passengers are advised to wear facemask properly and continue to wear the mask throughout the journey inside the aircraft.

NITB (New Integrated Terminal Building): Used for Commercial Operations of both Domestic & International flights.

Please arrive two hours prior to your departure of domestic flights and three hours prior to departure of international flights.

In the Airport terminal there is an Airport Wi-Fi network that gives you access to the Internet free for 30 minutes. It requires a valid Indian mobile number to access it. You can also buy data packs after your free access is over

Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas at the smoking zone for both domestic and International passengers located post SHA.

All terminals are open 24*7

If you lose something on board the aircraft (lost articles at the aircrafts are kept with respective airlines), in the terminal or airport buses, then please complete the service form on lost and found page on the website or contact lost & found center located at the terminal. You can also write to lost & found email id

If you find something, it is advised for the passengers and airport users not to touch any of such articles. Any unattended article / baggage, needs to be bought to the attention of our Duty Terminal Manager or CISF personnel for immediate action .

Yes, there are many money transfers or currency exchanges available at International Departures & Arrival.

Parents of unaccompanied minors need to contact respective airlines for the handover procedure before check in. There is a procedure to be followed for Unaccompanied Minor (UNMR) OR young passenger (YTH)

An unaccompanied minor is a child without the presence of a legal guardian. This term is used in immigration law and in airline policies. The specific definition varies from country to country and from airline to airline. Please check with the airline for further information

Yes, Baby care rooms are available at the Airport equipped with changing facilities and other basic hygiene amenities.

Yes, our Airport offers barrier free access for passengers. There are reserved parking slots, ramps & special rest rooms for passengers with special needs. In addition, wheel chairs are available at the departure ramp of the airport. Customer Service Executives at the airport assist and guide you during the journey. For further assistance, you are requested to contact your respective airline or the Airport Terminal Managers.

In most cases it is safe for women, with a normal pregnancy, to travel by air. However, a fitness certificate (certifying that the pregnant lady is fit to travel by Air) is required by the concerned doctor. Women above 32 weeks pregnancy are not allowed to travel by air. For further information please contact your respective airlines.

Passengers holding a valid ticket to travel within the next 24 hours can access the visitors lounge at Terminal. Please note that visitor entry to terminals and lounges may be restricted without prior notice due to security or operational reasons.

Yes, only bonafide international travelling passengers can buy items from the duty free shops

Medicines in limited quantities which are necessary or appropriate for the guest during the journey, may be carried. For larger quantities a doctor’s prescription is mandatory. Please get in touch with the airline for more information.

Please Note Liquids, Aerosols and Gels of 100 ml quantity only are permissible to be carried by the passenger due to Security reasons.

Please Email your Feedback to

You can also share your feedbacks via – facebook, airsewa app etc.


At present we do NOT have any Cloak Room/Left Luggage Room Facility at Mangaluru international Airport.

You can only take small quantities of liquids in your hand luggage. There is a total ban on hazardous substances. Each airline has a definitive guideline with regards to baggage. Kindly contact your airline for all questions related to carry on and or check in baggage.

Yes, there are multiple shops available at the Airport where you can buy bags and suitcases.

You can take up to 15kg of checking bag without any extra charge. Each airline has a definitive guideline with regards to baggage. Kindly contact your airline for all questions related to carry on and or check in baggage.

Most airlines allow passengers with disabilities to take their wheelchairs with them. However, you should inform the airline about this when you book your ticket. If you have a battery-powered wheelchair, the battery must be disconnected, and the battery terminals prevented from short-circuiting when you check in the wheelchair. You should report first of all to the check-in desk at the airport.

Getting to and From Airport

At present there is NO public transport available for the Airport from the city, however the airport is well connected with regards to Prepaid Taxi Service, OLA & UBER and Auto services.

The drop and pickup zone are available in front of the terminal on the departure as well as arrivals. These can be used to pick up or drop off passengers free of charge. However, there is a charge for parking the vehicle in the parking zone.

You could use any of the following options:

Hire a car from the car rental counters

MRT bus service (above we are saying that we do not have any public transport)

Prepaid Taxis.

The Cars can be pre-booked through the OLA and other facilities available at the airport.

You can't reserve a parking space, but the Airport offers a car park guarantee for the lowest-priced car parks.

There is a regular shuttle bus service between car parks and Terminal.

You can use any kind of digital payments as well as cash payments.

Yes, you will get a parking receipt when you park your vehicle.

Travelling with children

No, one has to follow the procedure of UNM or YP prescribed by the policy depending on the airline that person is travelling.

There are baby changing facilities on every level of the terminal in the public area and the security area

The minimum age for children travelling alone varies between 5 and 16, depending on the airline. Please get in touch with the airline for more information.

You can take medicines and special food, such as baby food, which you will need during the flight, in your hand luggage. You may have to provide accompanying documentation.

Security Checkpoint

Anyone who would like to enter the secure area must go through a security check. This means that pregnant women also have to pass through the scanner at the security check.

The following is information on the pass-through metal detectors: The metal detectors generate a low-frequency magnetic field to detect metal. The electromagnetic field that is generated is comparable to common household devices or other electronic devices.

The radiation is harmless