Arrivals (Disclaimer: Passengers are advised to refer to the respective state guidelines for more information.)

Please refer to the guidelines below to ensure your journey is safe:

i. Follow the instructions laid down by airlines on disembarkation.
ii. Wear face masks/hand gloves and follow social distancing at various touch points at the airport to be safe and secure.
iii. Sanitizers are placed at strategic locations at the airport, right from the entry to boarding points.
iv. On arrival at the destination, passengers are advised to adhere to the health protocols as prescribed by the destination State/UT.
v. Wait at the baggage hold area till the baggage arrives in batches. Please follow the markings at various processing points at the airport.
vi. Passengers are requested to follow the markings at the baggage belt.
vii. F&B counters are audited daily to ensure food safety and hygiene standards. We ensure contactless interaction right from viewing the menu to payment exchange.
viii. All Taxis in the airport are sanitized and all taxi drivers are temperature screened.

Please note: Ola/Uber/Taxis are under the purview of State authorities/RTO.

The rules keep changing from time to time.


All international passengers upon your arrival in Lucknow, may please follow the Arrival signage and proceed to Arrival Immigration Hall for immigration clearance. Please make sure your visa and passport are ready before you reach the immigration hall.

In case of any concerns or grievances, passengers may immediately contact AFRRO/FRO/SSP to get a resolution. For more information on immigration rules and regulations, please visit www.boi.gov.in


All baggage clearances have to undergo two channels for customs clearances

The Green Channel - Nothing to declare

The Red Channel - Carrying Goods to Declare

Important to Note: Non-declaration & wrongful declaration of any dutiable good may attract confiscation of goods, fine or penalty. Serious offences like attempting to smuggle Gold, without declaration may lead to arrest & prosecution. The Indian Revenue Department has specified a list of items, including the size that can now be imported duty-free as part of the baggage.

You can get more information on items and rules & regulation by clicking here.

Additionally, ATITHI @Indian Customs, a mobile application that has been developed by the Directorate General of Systems, Central Board of Indirect Taxes (CBIC), Ministry of Finance, and Government of India to drive digital governance in India. This application provides a platform for visitors from across the world travelling to India to file their baggage, goods and currency declarations.


Baggage Reclaim

There are 3 Belts for Baggage reclaim in domestic and 2 belts at international.

Baggage belt details are efficiently displayed on the E-display adjacent to each carousel belt.

All Arrival signs will direct you to the baggage reclaim area where you can check the information screens.

Respective flight and relating baggage belt details are efficiently displayed on the display boards adjacent to each carousel belt.

All Arrival signs will direct you to the baggage reclaim area where you can check the information screens.

Baggage Claim Area : On clearing immigrations passenger will move towards baggage area to retrieve respective baggage from the designated carousel. In the event of lost or damaged baggage passengers are requested to contact the respective airline representative. After collecting the respective bags, they may proceed to customs.

Medical and Health Guidelines

Ensuring safety and security of our passengers is our motto. The Airport Health Organization (APHO) helps us in this endeavor. For any air travel related medical or health query, you can get in touch with the APHO Lucknow