Unaccompanied Baggage Processing

Documents required for clearance of unaccompanied baggage are

  • Packing list of all items to be shipped (Contains packed in the bag).
  • Complete details of Shipper/Consignee (with proper contact details and Zip code)
  • Copy of passport of passenger traveling along with ticket copy (travel details).
  • Declaration form

Human Remain Processing

Documents required for clearance of Human Processing are

  • Confirmed ticket (if the passenger is accompanying) / approval from the destination (if unaccompanied)
  • All the medical, health, administrative and legal requirements of the regulations in force in the State of destination relating to the transfer of human remains
  • Embalming Certificate from the competent authority
  • Coffin Maker Certificate
  • Clearance should be obtained from the appropriate State of the authority of the deceased’s origin (Embassy/consulate) and also from the Indian Mission (Not applicable for Domestic Transfer)
  • Clearance should be obtained from the local health authority
  • Passport of the deceased should be produced duly cancelled by the appropriate issuing State of authority (Embassy/consulate) (Not applicable for Domestic Transfer)
  • Death certificate to be obtained from competent Medical authority
  • Clearance from Local Police authority is required for carriage of Human Remains
  • Identity proof of the person booking the human remains

Valuable Shipment Processing

Documents required for clearance of Valuable Shipment are

  • Pre-alert to airline and terminal required before movement of VAL to the terminal.
  • Necessary approval from RBI – government of India and Customs.
  • Certificate of Value declared from authentic authority,
  • Complete details of Shipper/Consignee with proper contact number.
  • Confirmation from consignee and airlines with OK to accept.
  • Domestic moment of gold does not have any restriction of government but have to ensure airlines rules are followed as stated above.
  • VAL shipment of gold being restricted item, customer would need government approval prior Export/import. Only authorised agency like MMDC/Diamond India have permission and customer has to nominate this agency seeking prior approval from customs. This needs registration with Custom in the jurisdiction and have written approval. Duty is applicable as per government norms