On arrival, all passengers are requested to move to immigration. Visit for details and visit: for information on e-visas.



Once you have cleared the Immigration, you have to declare your baggage with the Customs.

There are two channels of customs clearance for arriving passengers:

The Green Channel - Passengers travelling without dutiable goods can walk through the green channel.

The Red Channel - Passengers, entering India with dutiable goods or any other items for which declaration is required, must contact the Customs officials.

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Baggage Reclaim

Respective flight and relating baggage belt details are efficiently displayed on the display boards adjacent to each carousel belt.

All Arrival signs will direct you to the baggage reclaim area where you can check the information screens.

Medical and Health Guidelines

Ensuring safety and security of our passengers is our motto. The Airport Health Organization (APHO) helps us in this endeavor. For any air travel related medical or health query, you can get in touch with the APHO Mangaluru.