On arrival, all passengers are requested to move to immigration. Visit:  for details and visit:  for information on e-visas.


Once you have cleared Immigration, you are to move towards arrival baggage carousel followed by customs clearance.

There are two channels of customs clearance for arriving passengers:

The Green Channel -for passengers not having any dutiable goods or other items for which declaration is not required.

The Red Channel - for passengers having dutiable goods or any other items for which declaration is required.

For more details,

Baggage Reclaim

Respective flight belt details are efficiently displayed on the Flight Information Display System as well as on the respective carousel at the arrival hall.

You may also refer to the airport signages to find your baggage.

Medical and Health Guidelines

An exclusive Health Care Centre and Medical Clinic from Mahatma Gandhi Hospital Jaipur has been appointed in accordance with all the regulatory requirements and a dedicated team is available 24x7.

For any Air Travel related medical or health query, you can also get in touch with the Airport Health Organization (APHO) - Jaipur . Our workforce will be more than happy to assist you.