At Adani Airports our commitment is to building ‘Gateways to Goodness’ with world class airports striving for unsurpassed excellence while ensuring a safe, secure and efficient air hub. It is gratifying to bring this experience to Jaipur.

At Adani Airports, we strive to be the most admired trendsetting airport enterprise while creating lifestyle destinations for communities while delivering sustainable value for our stakeholders. Over the last 30 years, the Adani Group has catered to critical demand gaps in India and our presence in the airport sector will extend this legacy to an aspiring class of air travelers.

Airline Partnership

Our Airline Marketing Team is committed to make our Airline Partners succeed and grow their network at one of the fastest growing destination in the region – Jaipur.

AERA orders

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Ground Handling

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Explore opportunity to showcase your brand, products and services in Retail, Food & Beverage, Duty Free at Jaipur International Airport.



We at Adani, are well equipped to meet your needs related to smooth cargo handling at our modern facility. Adani Airports Cargo Business portfolio includes:

  • E2E Integrated Logistics Services: Airports
  • Cargo Terminals at Airports
  • Cargo Village
  • Transshipment hubs
  • E-Commerce facility
  • Bonded Road feeder services
  • Air Freight Stations
  • Air Cargo Logistics Park

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“Are you a supplier for Goods or Services? Engage with us in developing world class airports and join our journey for Gateway to Goodness”