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Adani Foundation extends its support to G-Auto: A three-wheeler of safety, reliability and prosperity


Ahmedabad, 03 November 2014: Adani Foundation, the CSR arm of Adani group, India’s leading infrastructure player signs MoU with G-Auto, an initiative conceived by the Nirmal Foundation. It is an innovative model which has won accolades for its benefits not only to the commuters or auto-drivers, but to the entire society at large.


Adani Foundation’s support to G-Auto will ensure a better income and lifestyle to auto drivers of Ahmedabad. Adani Foundation’s financial, infrastructural and other supports will give boost to the ongoing initiative of G-Auto by scaling up its operation in the city to almost triple by roping in more drivers who are the direct beneficiaries of the project and providing the low cost taxi kind of service to any common person of the city including senior citizens, differently-abled, women and children who are looking for an affordable and safe commuting service right from their doorstep. This association will bring evolution of largest non-public mass transport system of India initiating from Ahmedabad that will follow other cities in future.


Priti Adani, Managing Trustee, Adani Foundation


“Auto rickshaws are an integral and crucial part of commuting within the city. Through our association with G Auto, we wish to reach out to the Auto drivers so that they can benefit from Adani Foundation’s initiatives. It is also Adani Foundation’s endeavour to extend G Auto’s reach and help serve more and truly needy citizens fulfil their transportation requirement. We believe that this association shall benefit both the Auto Drivers and the G Auto users.”


Benefits to the auto-drivers: The financial, infrastructure and resource support extended by Adani Foundation will ensure 100 to 200% increase in the income of auto rickshaw drivers. It will increase the number of trips in lesser time. The drivers will also be able to earn from the advertising revenue. The auto-drivers will get social security like free insurance coverage and personal accident coverage. With the support of Adani Foundation G-Auto will be able to provide the auto drivers better job satisfaction through training and development. 


Benefits to the commuters: The passengers will benefit as it will empower them with technology to avoid refusal and overcharging presently faced by them. The deterrent of using the service such as additional facility charge above meter fare has been curtailed by reducing it to one third. It will make the city mobility friendly by reducing use of personal vehicle through ensuring safer, cheaper and professional non-public mass transport system for common citizen. This association will empower the commuters to travel hassle free and safely in the city. Commuters will be able to avail refusal-proof auto rickshaws anywhere in Ahmedabad within few minutes without any hassles of fare negotiation. This makes it more convenient for working executives who wish to pick-up or drop their children for school or their elderly parents to hospital or elsewhere.


Technology at work: Passengers are given electronic receipt on their mobile. G-Auto has constant watch through technology over every booking and fare charged. Passengers can get a print out of bill for T.A. claim purpose. This feature makes G-Auto friendlier for business executives. An upcoming feature will enable people not only to book auto rickshaws within less than 20 seconds through mobile application, but also to track the rickshaw from any location. This feature will ensure a very transparent and safe mode of transportation to common people.


Other special services in the pipeline: The G-Link service is a ride sharing service used by daily commuters such as working executives, school children, etc. A maximum of three people are allowed to share the same auto within the radius of 1 km. Each of three commuters pays 45 % of actual meter fare to the driver besides a fixed monthly facility fee to G-Auto. There is a monthly billing facility available for such clients. Commuters get to pay 55 % lesser and driver earns 35% more. This way people are encouraged to use one single auto instead of three autos by three people separately. G-link service of G-Auto reduces the use of autos, fuel consumption, road congestion and noise pollution by 66 %, thus serving to the cause of environment.


For people traveling to out of city such as Gandhinagar, Sanand, Kalol, etc from Ahmedabad which are out of municipal corporation area, the G-O-City is the cheapest option available in Gujarat. G-Auto charges Rs 10.50/km for out of city service that is 25 % cheaper than regular autos or Govt. notified fare of Rs 13.50 /km. G-O-City service does not charge return fare. Even if there is any toll tax or other additional charges, the customer only has to pay on actual.


G-Auto plans Heritage G-Auto service with special packages for 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, etc to take tourists in and around the city. The G-Pilots have been given training on tourist places and hence they act as city guides too. Customized site seeing packages are offered for the respective cities. G-Auto is the most economical and reliable tourist vehicle in the city. Due to the small size of the vehicle, it can go to the narrowest location of the city like old heritage place, Poles, Chalies, etc.


About G-Auto

G-Auto is an endeavor to organize auto rickshaw drivers under the social umbrella brand ‘G-Auto’. It is a boon for the commuters as they get safe and reliable metered service with additional services like reading material, maps, drinking water, telephone and radio. The safety and reliability is backed by a mobile app and GPS system. While auto drivers would immensely gain economically and socially as it ensures almost 200% increase in fare income, insurance and medical cover for their families and school fees for their children. Today the project is operational in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Rajkot and Surat with strength of more than 15,000 auto rickshaw drivers.


About Adani Foundation

Over the last two decades, Adani Foundation has been playing the role of facilitator for the benefit of the public without distinction of caste or community, sector, religion, class or creed, in the fields of education, community health, and promotion of social and economic welfare and upliftment of the people in general.


Adani Foundation works in four chosen areas of operations namely - Education, healthcare, Sustainable Livelihood Development & Environmental Protection and Rural Infrastructure Development. 


The Foundation has a reach in seven states covering 375 cities and villages touching more than two lakh fifteen thousand families to bring about a positive change in their lives.


The Adani group invests more than 3% of its profits in the Foundation and it works on the Gandhian philosophy of trusteeship and believes in using wealth, talent and privileges for those who are less fortunate.


The Foundation endeavours to give self-reliance to the less fortunate ones of society through the chosen CSR initiatives and bettering as many lives as they can by bringing smiles to the communities.


After all, a nation is built by its people for its people.

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