Benhad Zandi - Adani Airport CEO

Ben Zandi CEO

CEO's Message


For the past three decades, the Adani Group has consistently build stellar infrastructure assets in line with critical demand gaps in India. Ports, power, natural resources, renewables, city gas distribution, edible oil, food products, agri logistics among others each of our business have catered to aspirations of a developing nation. This diversified growth narrative is driven by our overarching philosophy of nation-building and Growth with Goodness.

Today as India enters a defining phase of growth with billions of new aspirations taking flight we decided to bring our rich experience and expertise into the airport development sector. The world might not be the same place given the severe aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. But we still believe, that the success of the global aviation sector hinges on Asia with strong focus on India. Once this global turbulence settles down and economies begin to resurrect themselves, Indian economy would bounce back and re-establish a steady growth rate. The country’s aviation infrastructure would play a crucial role in both regaining this momentum and amplifying growth. With a mandate to transform six tier-II airports, we believe this is another massive opportunity for the Adani Group to replicate its stellar record of scale and speed in the aviation sector.

For us airports are not mere transit points. We look at them as Gateways to Goodness. Our vision is to revolutionise this sector through state-of-the-art technology with strategic focus on the expectations and aspirations of every individual air traveler passing through these airports. Technology would assume greater relevance in the post-Corona world as economies envisage building assets prepared for pandemics and similar global crisis in the future

We begin this journey with the takeover of three airports - Mangaluru, Lucknow and Ahmedabad - each of them distinguished cities with great aspirations to grow and transform. It is also the beginning of new hope and opportunities for local communities.

At the same time the aviation sector would benefit from the Adani Group’s strong commitment towards sustainable value creations and building self-reliant eco-systems.