Mar 05, 2018

The Adani Group has a history of implementing world-scale infrastructure projects within a short time and the lowest cost quartile. Capital intensive projects necessarily require debt capital. 

Our operating performance is such that the Transmission and Port businesses have been rated ‘investment grade' by international credit rating agencies. Also, almost all of our companies enjoy a high credit rating from domestic rating agencies. This is a testimony to the extremely high discipline followed by the Group, in meeting with its debt obligations-diligently and on an on-going basis. 

Given our rating track record, different sources of debt are available to the Group, ranging from international bonds, ECB loans, domestic bonds, loans from private sector as well as public sector banks in India

The singular critical test for debt is its regular servicing-something which the Adani Group has implemented diligently, since its inception. One must also look at the financial metrics of the Group. Let’s note the relevant facts:


  • Group’s dependence on PSU bank for long-term borrowings is less than 50% at about Rs.34,000 crores and is regularly serviced. Adani Group has created world class assets and aggregate Net Asset Block of Indian operations stands at over Rs.1,10,000 crores. Aggregate Net Worth of the listed entities stands at over Rs.40,000 crores and aggregate EBIDTA stands at Rs.24,000 crores.
  • Over last 20 years, Adani Group has created world class projects in the areas of Port & Logistics, Power Generation, Power Transmission, Agri Business, Mining and Renewable Generation. In each of these segments, Adani Group has emerged to be the largest private sector player in India. As a Group, we are proud to be engaged in Nation Building by creating critical infrastructure across various segments; providing direct employment to over 11000 people and contributing significantly to the Exchequer and the Economy.