• Farming Sunshine for Clean Energy

    Revolutionizing the renewable energy ecosystem of India by building solar power plants, solar parks and manufacturing facilities with seamless integration

  • Prosperous farmers, happy nation

    Breaking new grounds in food production, storage & distribution

  • Igniting Young Minds

    Inspiration, aspiration and ambition ignited in 150,000 young minds through a free educational trip to Mundra

  • For a greener planet

    Over 2885 Ha afforested and committed to conserve another 1254 Ha in India

We Help Build A Happy Nation

  • Empowering India

    As a developing nation, India’s growth in leaps and bounds is powered by Adani’s 10000+ MW thermal and solar energy generation.

  • Ensuring Food Security

    Effective food production means increased food preservation. By modernizing food storage mechanism, India's food produce can be utilized optimally with minimum wastage.

  • Reliable Fuel

    Green, economical and reliable fuel for domestic and industrial customers.

  • For a healthy growing India

    Promoting health and nutrition in Indian consumers through quality edible oils and other processed foods under the brand name – Fortune.

  • Fresh Apples

    Revitalising apple farming and farmers lives through modern methods in Himachal Pradesh.


Chairman’s Corner

“Our business model is aligned
with the national interest”

Mr.Gautam Adani Chairman, Adani Group


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